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Rosenberger Basic Installation Tool Kit (for Crimp Connector)

Rosenberger Basic Installation Tool Kit (for Crimp Connector)

Basic Installation Tool Kit (for Crimp Connector)

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Corning Cable Systems offers several tool kits for installation of UniCam® Connectors for data centers, fiber-to-the-desk applications and for local area networks, including main cross-connects, telecommunications rooms and enclosures.

The standard UniCam® Connector Installation Tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM) is a basic installation tool kit used to terminate all UniCam Connector styles (LC, SC and ST® Compatible Connectors). UniCam High-Performance Multimode Connectors (LC, SC and ST Compatible) can achieve high-performance with the use of this kit. A convenient carrying bag is provided with all the components necessary to terminate UniCam Connectors.

The TKT-UNICAM can also be upgraded with a continuity test set (TEST-UNICAM-CTS) that provides a visual feedback feature when terminating connectors. The installer can watch for a red glow in the back of the connector to dim or disappear indicating that the field fiber is inserted properly into the connector. This is very useful for training new installers and reducing scrap rates.

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